Prikazuje se svih 5 rezultata

Roline ATX2.0 naponski produžni kabel, 24-pin, 0.3m

52,00 kn
– Allows you to extend the 24 pin ATX2.0 power cable, from the newest Power supply generation – 2× 24pin

Roline interni Y-naponski kabel, 4-pin HDD – 2×SATA, 0.12m

21,00 kn
– To convert the 4-pin HDD plug to two SATA power connectors – To connect two SATA devices to one

Roline naponski kabel, 4-pin HDD – SATA (90°), 0.1m

19,00 kn
– Adapter cable for converting the 4-pin HDD interface to the SATA power connector – 4-pin HDD plug to 15-pin

Roline interni Y-naponski kabel, 4-pin HDD – 2×4-pin HDD, 0.3m

19,00 kn
– Internal power supply cables for two additional type 5.25 disk drives – Y-model – 4-pin HDD M to 2×

Roline interni naponski kabel, 4-pin HDD – 4-pin (ATX12V-P4) Power, 0.15m

17,00 kn
– For connection of a power supply to a Intel Pentium mainboard with P4 port via standard power supply and