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Roline sredstvo za čišćenje monitora/printera/kućišta (500ml)

127,00 kn
– Cleaning foam – Ideal for cleaning printers, monitors, displays, PC cases etc. – No electrical conduction, antistatic, completely bio-degradable

Roline pjena za čišćenje, antistatička (400ml)

79,00 kn
– 400ml Cleaning foam – Ideal for cleaning plastic and coloured surfaces such as tables – Antistatic, non-abrasive Danger &

Roline komprimirani zrak, "Air Duster" (400ml)

71,00 kn
– For blowing dust and debris from inaccessible areas of electronic equipment (computer keyboards, printers, CD-ROM drives, copiers, fax machines,

Roline sredstvo za čišćenje monitora/plastike (250ml)

52,00 kn
– 250 ml pump spray bottle – Efficient and gentle removal of dust and dirt from all plastic, metal and

Roline univerzalne maramice za čišćenje (100 kom.)

50,00 kn
– 100 cleaning tissues for all plastic and metal surfaces – Ideal for cleaning printers, monitors, PC cases etc (not

Roline "Touch & Clean" sredstvo za čišćenje SmartPhone/Tablet uređaja (25ml)

48,00 kn
– Cleaning set for smat phones (e.g. iPhone), mobile phones, tablet PCs (e.g. iPad), iPod, MDA… – Including microfiber cloth

Roline sredstvo za čišćenje LCD/TFT monitora (250ml)

46,00 kn
– Eco-friendly special cleaner for TFT and Laptop monitors, LCDs, PDAs, monitor filters, surfpads and all coated and uncoated glass