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Roline USB-C strujni adapter, utor za 3-pinski kabel ("Mickey Mouse"), 65W

282,00 kn
– For charging or as power supply of a device via USB type C – with up to 65W –

Roline VALUE USB zidni punjač 2-porta (1×USB-C, 1×QC3.0), 33W

180,00 kn
– 2-port USB charger, 1× Quick Charge 3.0 Type A with maximum 18W and 1× USB Type C (5VDC 3A)

Roline VALUE USB zidni punjač 2-porta, 10W

100,00 kn
– 2-port USB charger, 2× Type A with maximum 10W for the power supply (smartphones, tablets) of several devices simultaneously

Roline VALUE USB zidni punjač, 1-port, QC3.0, 18W

94,00 kn
– For charging or as a power supply from a device via its USB input – Perfect supplement for your

Roline VALUE USB auto punjač 2-porta, 10W

79,00 kn
– Now you can easily charge your tablet PC, iPad, smart phone, iPhone, MP3 player and other USB devices in