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Traveling set TRAVELER

215,00 kn
Gift set including a flashlight, a multitool and a compass. The flashlight has a very bright diode, adjustable light beam

Car tool set BILL

195,00 kn
Car tools set packed in polyester bag which due to it shape can be used as warning triangle. Set contains:

Traveling set TINKER

189,00 kn
Gift set including a flashlight and a multitool. The flashlight has a very bright diode, adjustable light beam (zoom function)

Poklon set TOOL

160,00 kn
TOOL is a kit composed of a multi-purpose tool and a tool pendant. The tool functions: pliers, cutter, smooth-blade knife,

Tool set ETI

153,00 kn
The ETI multi-tool set hides its functionalities inside of a torch. Inside you will find all the most essential tools

Multitool ESCAPE

151,00 kn
ESCAPE is a must for every car and it always comes in handy. It has 11 functions in one tool,

Multitool INGE

137,00 kn
INGE will always be at hand thanks to a convenient snap hook. This is an extremely practical tool with the

Multitool LEVER

132,00 kn
LEVER is a real innovation among multitools – pliers in size of pocket knife. It allows to use all the

Multitool CLAVIS

126,00 kn
This is a must-have tool for every DIY enthusiast worth having with you in the event of sudden breakdowns. It

Multitool HAMER

123,00 kn
HAMMER is a novelty among multitools – a regular pliers with shape and functions of a hammer. Other features are:

Multitool BEAR

100,00 kn
Multi function metal tool with metal handles. Packed into a sackcloth pouch that might be attached to belt. Tool consists

Outdoor set BALE

96,00 kn
The BALE outdoor set is a must-have for survival enthusiasts. In one set you will find everything that will work

Multitool WORK

95,00 kn
The WORK tool is a very good choice among pocket multi-tools. It has the following functions: pliers, cutter, smooth blade

Set alata WHEEL

80,00 kn
WHEEL is a set with many useful tools: four precision screwdrivers, a wallpaper knife, a handle, four socket wrenches with

Multitool CRAV

76,00 kn
CRAV multifunctional tool is a very compact tool with interesting patterns and a durable metal structure. Its functions include: pliers

Multi alat FOREST

73,00 kn
The FOREST multi-purpose tool is a pocket-size gadget with a wooden finish. Functions: pliers, cutter, knife, flat and Philips screwdriver,

Pocket knife SPLINTER

43,00 kn
A pocket knife with wood-finished handle – unique character combined with eye-cathing look. This gadget have all necessary features: knife,

Mini multitool HOKO

41,00 kn
The pocket multifunction tool is a very practical gadget equipped with the following elements: 3 types of screwdrivers (flat and

COB baterija za čelo MORPH

39,00 kn
The MORPH headlamp is perfect for repair or service work as well as cycling. It is equipped with a COB

Mini multitool GO

37,00 kn
GO is a pocket-sized tool that comes with a knife, cross screwdriver, bottle opener and carabiner. Entirely made of metal.

Đepni nožić CINCO

23,00 kn
The CINCO pocket knife is a simple and elegant gadget that you should always have with you. It has the

Foldable knife KLINGO

22,00 kn
KLINGO foldable knife is a solution in any situation when a knife is necessary and it seems you have forgotten

Set odvijača sa LED svjetlom PRACTIC

21,00 kn
The screwdriver set includes 4 different bits: two flat bits and two bits for Philips screws. The clip can be

Screwdriver set SCREW

17,00 kn
Screwdrivers set which contains 8 different endings. Clip enables to hang it to the pocket. Screwdrivers endings are mounted with